Iron & Wine: Early Outtakes (pt. 2)

As promised, here is another batch of vintage Iron & Wine outtakes from around the time of The Creek Drank The Cradle. All of these tracks prove that the The Sea & The Rhythm EP could’ve easily been more than just 5 measly tracks. By the way, most of part 1 were songs I picked up over at The Good, The Bad, & The Unknown a few months ago - I forgot to mention that in the first post and you should go check out that blog. If you search through his history you’ll find lots of essential Radiohead b-sides and rarities from throughout their career.

MP3 :: Sleeping Diagonally
MP3 :: Hickory
MP3 :: Dead Man’s Will
MP3 :: Swans And The Swimming
MP3 :: Red Dust
MP3 :: Overhead

And an awesome THANKS are in order to a Pop Headwound reader named Jeff who sent along these next 3 tracks yesterday.

MP3 :: Mothers Of The Rodeo
MP3 :: Two Hungry Blackbirds
MP3 :: In Your Own Time

Unlike the first batch, all of these tracks are Sam Beam originals. “Dead Man’s Will” and “Red Dust” were dusted off and spruced up for the In The Reins EP with Calexico. Otherwise I’m not sure that any of these have ever seen proper release.


Asleep In Syracuse said...
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Asleep In Syracuse said...

There is an incredible live version of Hickory with Sara Beam for the NPR session.
Thanks so much for uploading these, everything he makes is brilliant.

Erik-Dardan said...

"Hickory" and "Swans and the Swimming" are from the bonus disc to "Endless Numbered Days", and "Sleeping Diagonally" is actually a collaboration with an instrumental group called The Six Parts Seven; they did an album where vocalists reworked their songs and that was one of them. The demos of the future Calexico collaborations are from an I&W tour EP, as is Overhead. The others, I think, are just demo takes he did and never actually released, but most of these have made their way out officially one way or another.

James said...

Thanks for the info regarding where these tracks were from originally. I was under the impression they were all straight outtakes.

krwait said...

the version of Two Hungry Blackbirds you posted here is different to the one I already had, it's slightly faster and in a higher key. also it seems to have cut out some of the tape noise. but i think apart from that they are identical, and (at least) one of them has been edited by someone. i'm thinking that one is probably the one you've got up here. here is the version I had already for comparison if you would like.

James said...

Thanks a lot - I'll check it out!

Chad said...

hey man,
i have been looking for these tracks EVERYWHERE and can't find them. i was wondering if you could e-mail them to me if you're still willing to share.

thanks so much.