[mp3] No Age - "Eraser"

Oh snap bitches - that’s a new header photo up there. Not bad right? It’s a picture I took last year at Rockwood Music Hall at a show from the now-defunct Here Lies Pa. After a year and a half of not having a clue how to crop a photo my girlfriend comes home today and does it for me in about 8 seconds. I feel like my blog is all grown up now. Maybe on to advertisements next?

On the music front for the weekend, I’ve been spinning the new record from recent Sub Pop recruits No Age pretty relentlessly over the last few days. I’ll admit to being late to the Weirdo Rippers phenomenon of 2007, and even after hearing it months after the fact I (embarrassing admission coming…) wasn’t blown away . Different story entirely for Nouns (out May 6) - a more song oriented collection than the often murky debut. Nouns downplays the dissonance a smidge and ups the tunefulness a bunch, revealing to me what many heard last year - that this is a young band to reckon with now and be excited for what their future holds.

MP3 :: Eraser
(from Nouns. Info here)

No Age are set to play The Bowery Ballroom on May 6

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