[mp3] Okay - "My"

It seems that if your band is better than average you don’t name it Okay. I’m no band naming expert here. Just a guy and a keyboard and some time on his hands. But that should be a given, no? Maybe they mean it as an word of agreement. Do you want to listen to this awesome song I just heard? Okay. I don’t know. I don’t think I like it.

I sure do like this song though. Absolutely Kosher will release Huggable Dust on May 20, and I am now officially looking forward to hearing more from it. “My” is a sort of space-aged little folk song, not unlike some of those from Deserter’s Songs without the fancy David Fridmann orchestration. Singer/songwriter Marty Anderson has a disarming voice on first listen - part Mark Linkous, part night insect. Gradually though it overcomes those awkward first few seconds and reveals itself as full of hurt and honesty. It didn’t take long, but it’s my heart you got. Am I speaking too soon?

MP3 :: My
(from Huggable Dust. Buy here)

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