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Yeah yeah yeah - late to the party. No shit Sherlock, I know. Maybe I wanted to be the last music blogger on the planet chime in on Santogold (aka - Brooklyn's Santi White). For those of you who haven’t checked her out yet I’d recommend you do so very soon - I haven’t heard a more impressive genre-hopper of a record in a long while. Her self-titled debut proves in the first few tracks that there isn’t a genre that can contain her, and from there continually surprises and impresses. Santogold encompasses an incredible array of influences - hip-hop, r&b, pop, 80s, reggae, club, punk, indie, soul, rock, you name it - somehow melding each into a continuously fun and rewarding listen.

She makes it all work, but not in a ‘you can hear it all in every song’ kind of way. The charm of this record is instead how every song is different and genre defining on their own terms. “Lights Out” is just an absolutely perfect pop song. “L.E.S. Artistes” has an opening riff that borrows liberally from The Strokes’ “You Only Live Once”. “I’m A Lady” features a bass riff that sounds like The Pixies’ “I Bleed” and then evolves into an infectious jazz-pop song. “You’ll Find A Way” flat out rocks, “Shove It” features a tongue-twisting verse from rapper Spank Rock, and “Creator” solidifies the often used M.I.A. comparison. There really is something for everyone to enjoy on Santogold. But better than that - the album can be everything for some.

MP3 :: L.E.S.Artistes
MP3 :: Shove It (ft. Spank Rock)
(from Santogold. Buy here)

And don’t miss this exclusive non-album track, “Your Voice”, available from RCRDLBL.

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