[mp3] Wire - "One Of Us"

When you think of Wire, what comes to mind? If you’re like me (and most of the world, I’d bet), it’s their first 3 seminal late 70’s albums. These guys were so ahead of the curve they were playing post-punk around the time punk was breaking to begin with. If you haven’t heard Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, and 154 then you should do something about that very soon. In 2 short years (1977-79, and 154 shows to be exact) they went from near-primitive art-punk to creating music that was more complex and experimental in scope than any of their punk peers.

For those paying attention (not me) Wire never really went away for long after that initial burst. This July they will release Object 47, named as such for it being the band’s 47th release (their 11th LP). “One of Us” is the first track and first single, and, though not as tense and dynamic as their early material, acts as a fine introduction to the 21st century version of Wire - it’s a vaguely 80s sounding pop song with a catchy-as-can-be chorus. For a band that’s always had plenty of critical acclaim, maybe it’s time for their commercial appeal to catch up.

MP3 :: One Of Us
(from Object 47. Buy here)

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