[mp3] Wolf Parade - "Language City"

Along with that crazy ass cover art, another new song has leaked, er...I mean, graciously been given away by Wolf Parade (the outstanding side project of Sunset Rubdown, Handsome Furs, and Swan Lake). This track, from the upcoming At Mount Zoomer (June 17, Sub Pop), comes from the Dan Boeckner half of the singing tandem and follows the Spencer Krug led first single, “Call It A Ritual”. It was made available through their myspace.

“Language City” continues Boeckner’s impressive songwriting evolution, which has always been critically under-appreciated compared to the sporadic genius of his partner. The song’s thumping beat, deft guitar/synth interplay, and sharp lyrics (urban dismay, go figure!) place this among his finest compositions. I haven’t heard the whole thing yet (wink wink) but these first two tracks are indeed appetite wetting.

MP3 :: Language City
(from At Mount Zoomer. Info here)

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