[album release] Shearwater - "Rook"

In addition to the new Centro-Matic/South San Gabriel release, this week also saw the first new Shearwater album since Jonathon Meiburg left Okkervil River to pursue his primary band full time. I shared the first single to Rook way back in early March, which has had me looking forward to hearing more for quite some time now. The new album does not disappoint those who saw 2006’s critically acclaimed Palo Santo as a great leap forward for the band.

For an album with a running time of a mere 38 minutes, Rook has no problem coming off as carefully orchestrated and expansive. Meiburg’s high, airy vocal style is reminiscent of Jeff Buckley or Antony Hegarty, and the band plays a dense sounding collage of progressive folk and indie rock. Though it bears little resemblance to Okkervil River’s clanging, visceral folk-rock, Rook is a clear winner - a thematically unified collection of songs that work best when played together in one sitting. Matador Records put this one out.

MP3 :: Rooks
MP3 :: Leviathan, Bound
(from Rook. Buy here)

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