James Hickey - "Kitchen"

I’ve had this song in my digital collection for a few years now and have included it on more than a few mixes I’ve made for friends during that span. It’s a cool little folk song - pretty male/female harmonizing, vague lyrics about doubt and hammering nails in anyone else’s kitchen, and some spacey electric guitar and strings. I really love it - one of a few lost Americana treasures from this decade that I keep bunched together in my itunes.

The thing is, beyond the singer’s name, I know nothing about the song. No album info or title (though I improvised this as a title track), no year, no credits or pictures. I can’t link to the source because I can’t find the guy’s website on Google. Just some photographers and soldiers who share the name. If anyone could help out, that would be great - it’s a terrific song and I’d like to hear more from James Hickey, if he even exists…..

MP3 :: Kitchen
(from ???)

[UPDATE :: Check the comments - James Hickey is actually a West Coast songwriter named Chris Hickey. My bad. Thanks for the heads up. His album is available on cdbaby]


Anonymous said...

I think his name may actually be Chris Hickey? Possibly?


James said...

Wow - there it is. The man is Chris Hickey and he's been living on my hard drive for years under the wrong name. Thanks - now I'll check out the rest of that album.

Steve Rydz said...

Also you might want to check out an album by UMA called Farewell. It was Chris hickey's last band, in fact some of the songs on release are from that album.