The Smiths :: The John Peel Sessions

I really miss That Truncheon Thing. If you don’t know, TTT was a music blog run by a couple of really cool guys (Frank and Rich) in Atlanta who regularly featured high quality classic bootlegs from some of the most important artists in rock history (The Clash, The Who, R.E.M., Springsteen, etc.). Despite ending a very appreciated year long run back in January, the blog still has most of these bootlegs available for download and are well worth seeking out. {update - nope, they aren't. whoops. I don't know if TTT just recently took them down, but I was pretty sure they were all still there. Anyway, I've re-uploaded them.}

A little over a year ago they featured this collection of songs The Smiths recorded over 2 separate visits to John Peel’s BBC radio show back in 1983 and 1986. The recordings sound great, and are just one example of the virtual treasure chest of goodies still waiting to be discovered over at their page. For more info on these recordings, read what Frank had to say here.

Front cover
Back cover

01 Back To The Old House
02 Handsome Devil
03 Miserable Lie
04 Reel Around The Fountain
05 Still Ill
06 This Charming Man
07 This Night Has Opened My Eyes
08 What Difference Does It Make?
09 How Soon Is Now?
10 Nowhere Fast
11 Rusholme Ruffians
12 William, It Was Really Nothing
13 Half A Person
14 Is It Really So Strange?
15 London
16 Sweet and Tender Hooligan


Charles C Stirk Jr said...

There is something amiss with the links ... I have been getting "No shared files/folders found. "

Does look the neat post ....

happy day

James said...

Problem fixed! Thanks for the heads up.

Kurt said...

Having a problem with track 8. Showing up as track 9. Thanks very much for the downloads.

Kurt said...

um, track 1 is only 5 seconds long, as well...

James said...

Should be fixed. Thanks Kurt, let me know if anything else is fucked up

Anonymous said...

Track 1 is indeed only 5 seconds long - rest sounds great - thanks

James said...

Yeah, well I went back and checked my mp3 files and track 1 is indeed only 5 seconds long, though it obviously isn't supposed to be. There's nothing I can do about it now, sorry. It must have mis-downloaded from the original source and I never noticed.