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By now you are most likely aware of the new Okkervil River album that will be released in September - if not check out Treble for more details (tracklist, street date, tour info, etc). In short, Will Sheff originally intended last year’s The Stage Names as a double album, but then thought better of it. The Stand Ins rounds up the remaining songs from that album’s fruitful sessions, and, like the Black Sheep Boy Appendix did a few years ago, will act as its sequel/companion/part deux.

The band recently stopped by WOXY for a live radio session and played a new track, “Lost Coastlines”, as well as a handful of favorites from their last few albums. On The Stand Ins this new song will be a duet between Sheff and now former Okkervil River stand in (and full time Shearwater stage name) Jonathon Meiburg. The amicable split has by no means slowed down the Okkervil machine of late - as they’ve released a free online EP, lined up a slew of tour dates for the summer and fall, as well as recorded a beautiful rooftop video for the (relatively) new Pitchfork TV.

MP3 :: Lost Coastlines (live)
(from WOXY radio sessions. Download the whole thing here)

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