[mp3] Dr. Dog - "The Old Days"

A few years ago I saw Dr. Dog open up for My Morning Jacket and was thoroughly unimpressed. I think I had a pre-determined aversion based solely on their less-than-inspired band name, but the music they played that night didn’t help matters. The whole night was kind of a wash actually - MMJ had just dropped It Still Moves, but had also just lost 2 long time band members and were playing with 2 replacements. Between an opening act that did nothing for me and a way-too-loud and not nearly tight enough headliner, I left that night disappointed.

About a year and half later I saw Dr. Dog again - this time opening for Son Volt at a free show at the South Street Seaport. That was 3 summers ago, and I noticed that the band had both improved quite a bit and accumulated a small following that were more interested in them that night than the main act. I did say small, but they sure were fervent. The attention caused me to listen close, and that night I left much more impressed.

Improvement or not though, and despite the positive reviews I started hearing for whatever album they were supporting at the time, I didn’t explore the band’s catalog. The name, Dr. Dog, was still getting in the way. I think I ignored another album since then because of the name, again despite increasing positive critical attention from many of my fellow bloggers.

Yesterday though I decided to let bygones be bygones. I think it was the artwork. A terrible band name for sure, but that album art up there is undeniable. “The Old Days” is the first single from the forthcoming Fate - and it’s good - a melody soaked folk-rock track that has more than a touch of 60’s psychedelia swirling around in it. It’s much better than the band name would suggest. Maybe not as great as the art work would. Somewhere in between, closer to the art. It’s a start, and now I want to hear more.

Fate will be released by Park The Van Records on July 22.

MP3 :: The Old Days
(from Fate. Info here)

Tour dates & old songs are streaming at their myspace


Anonymous said...

I hope that you will listen to the "We All Belong" c.d., go and see them live, and then when you hear "Fate" c.d., you will hear and see the transition of this really great, unpretentious group of guys who are becoming even better and better with age. I have yet to see a show where everyone is not singing, dancing, and having a great time with the band. Forget the influence tags and just enjoy them as Dr. Dog. They are refreshing and fun. Check them out on Conan, again, this August!!

Ben said...

Funny. I've hated these guys for the longest time because of their name also. Love the new album, though. Time to change the band name, dudes!