Spoon covers The Smiths' "Panic"

Yesterday being the last day of school, after work I went out with my co-workers for a few celebratory cold ones. There’s nothing better than those first few minutes of summer vacation, but my mood was quickly deflated when I entered the bar - an outdoor place with a DJ playing incredibly loud and obnoxious dance/house/club music right in our faces. Not to sound all old or anything, but that music (or at least the stuff that gets played by DJs with lots of hair product and unbuttoned black shirts ) sucks. It was headache inducing and pretty much prevented any of the bar’s patrons from, you know, talking to each other.

I (not so) sarcastically suggested to my drinking buddy that we should request “Panic” by The Smiths - with the infamous chorus of “hang the DJ hang the DJ, hang the DJ hang the DJ”. We didn’t, but I did come home last night to find a Spoon cover of the song over at You Ain’t No Picasso. It’s a fairly straight cover, and like practically everything Spoon does, it’s pretty brilliant. Along with the fact that I have about 80 straight days of sleeping in ahead of me, it got my head back on track.

MP3 :: Panic (Smiths cover)
(by Spoon)

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That song is part of a set available at the Internet Archive: