[video] Throw Me The Statue - "Lolita"

Here’s a new video from Throw Me The Statue. “Lolita” is from their 2008 Secretly Canadian album Moonbeams, which also houses “About To Walk” - one of the better indie-pop songs of the year. “Lolita” captures a bunch of those Springtime staples - young girls daydreaming while old men look for them, a young guy running, riding a bike, and kicking pies, and a kid in an oversized hat doing yard work. It starts off all peaceful and dreamy, but by the end everyone’s breaking stuff, except the girl. It could be trying to say something about sexual frustration, or maybe it’s just plain weird. Either way, it’s a cool song.

MP3 :: Lolita
MP3 :: About To Walk
(from Moonbeams. Buy here)

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