[mp3] Damien Jurado - "Gillian Was A Horse"

Damien Jurado will return this September with Caught In The Trees, an album that took an entire year to record and finds the songwriter turning inward for his lyrical inspiration. After adoring his traditional folk masterpiece, Where Shall You Take Me?, I have to admit that I haven’t kept up with Jurado much over the past few years. I was lukewarm about 2005’s On My Way To Absence, and then very indifferent about And Now That I’m In Your Shadow from 2006, his last 2 studio efforts. By the sound of “Gillian Was A Horse”, the first single from the new record, he just may be back on track. The song begins with acoustic strumming that immediately recalls his late 90’s classic “Letters & Drawings” before detouring into a spirited, piano-driven country rocker. The song is brimming with the promise that Jurado, no lie detector and no bullshit talker, will be making waves again this year.

MP3 :: Gillian Was A Horse
(from Caught In The Trees. Info here)

And here's one song each from his last 4 records:

MP3 :: What Were The Chances
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MP3 :: Texas To Ohio
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MP3 :: Paper Wings
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