New Music - Destroyer/Wye Oak

I hope y’all are doing the right thing these days and supporting your local independent record stores. God knows they need it. My favorite place to buy music is Music Matters on 7th Ave (b/w 13 & 14th St) in Park Slope - a small place that has a great selection of new indie music, plenty of other genre choices, and a wicked awesome selection of new and used LPs too.

Record Store Day did a lot to help bring business to these dying breeds. If you didn’t get a chance to pick up a copy of Merge Records’ contribution to the cause, you’re still in luck. The label has long been a supporter of independent record stores and showed their support by giving away a special split 7” single featuring new music from Destroyer and Wye Oak. These songs will be of interest mostly to collectors and obsessives of both band’s music, and in that way make them the perfect accompaniment for the day they helped celebrate.

MP3 :: Madame Butterflies
(by Destroyer)

MP3 :: Prodigy
(by Wye Oak)

Download both from the Merge Records site here

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