Maria Taylor: Live on Spinner

Not too long ago Maria Taylor, the Saddle Creek recording artist, former Azure Ray/Little Red Rocket band member, and occassional Bright Eyes drummer, stopped in at the AOL studio to record some live videos for Spinner’s Interface series. I wrote about her 2007 album Lynn Teeter Flower earlier this year, and a few of the songs are still getting some play here at the ant-infested PHW headquarters. “Clean Getaway” and “Lost Time” are two of them, and happen to also be two of the prettiest songs I’ve heard all year.

Maria Taylor Interface - Song 2: 'Clean Getaway'

Maria Taylor performs 'Clean Getaway' live for the Interface.

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Maria Taylor Interface - Song 3: 'Lost Time'

Maria Taylor performs 'Lost Time' live for the Interface.

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MP3 :: Lost Time
(from Lynn Teeter Flower)

Click HERE to see the performance in its entirety.

Saddle Creek Records Maria Taylor myspace

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