The Official Wilco Internet Round-Up

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately you are well aware that this week saw the release of the latest Wilco record, Sky Blue Sky. The blogging and internet world has been ablaze with Wilco news, features, interviews, and reviews of all sorts this week, so I thought I’d round up what’s worth reading out there in one fan friendly place. So here goes:

Start by checking out Pop Headwound’s Sky Blue Sky review HERE. While SBS is far from my favorite Wilco record (that would be Being There, no, YHF, no Being There, no, etc…) I wasn’t nearly as dismissive as many other more noteworthy reviewers have been. Check them out below.

Also, a few weeks ago I posted my favorite Wilco rarities, which are still available for download HERE and HERE.

The Good Reviews…:

The Onion
Tiny Mix Tapes
Rolling Stone

…& Not So Good
Coke Machine Glow (“Impossible Germany” song review)

The Interviews:
Chicago Sun Times

Around the Blogs:
Oceans Never Listen (live review from Australia)
That Truncheon Thing (YHF Demos) & Prairie Home Companion Appearance
Six Eyes (“Hate It Here” mp3)
KEXP Blog (“One True Vine” - exclusive b-side)
Can You See The Sunset From The Southside? (album thoughts, mp3s)
Marathon Packs (interesting thoughts on “Impossible Germany”)
Moroccan Role (album thoughts)
MP3 :: What Light
(from Sky Blue Sky)
Purchase Sky Blue Sky from Amazon, Insound
Or if you purchase the album from Itunes you get an exclusive bonus track called "Let's Not Get Carried Away", which in fact does get carried away. It rocks much harder than anything on the actual CD.

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